Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a deposit? – What are the fees? – What if I need to cancel?

Payment, of both the reservation and damage deposits, is required at the time of contract signing. The digital contract will take you directly to a payment website upon entering digital signature. The damage deposit will be returned upon full compliance with the terms stated with the signed license agreement, and the reservation deposit will be applied to the rental fee. Please view the specific pages for more information on fees and our cancellation policy.

  • How do I get in to view the facility?

Facility staff are different than booking managers. Contact facility staff directly to make an appointment: Alhambra Hall (843) 849-2053.

  • Can I have a wedding on the grounds?

YES, however, the grounds at Alhambra Hall are public and will remain public throughout the entirety of your event.  Further, no supplies or furniture are provided by the Town for use on the grounds.

  • Can you mail me a packet of information?

Sorry! Hopefully, you will find all the basic information on this website! You can contact the booking office at (843) 849-5343 if you have booking/ contract questions, or contact our facility staff at Alhambra Hall at (843) 849-2053 if you have event setup questions for the Hall rentals. You can view a sample contract here.

  • Can I fill out a rental contract at the facility?

No, all contracts are handled electronically. To move forward in the booking process, please place a soft-hold on the date of your choosing and contact us at View a sample contract here.

  • What time does my rental period end?

All rentals Saturday through Thursday night end at midnight (12:00 am). Friday rentals end at 1:00 a.m.
If necessary, all lights will be turned on fifteen (15) minutes after the stated times and the clean-up time frame will begin immediately. The renter has two (2) hours after the event to clean and remove equipment.

  • Is there a special rate for Mount Pleasant Residents? Can I book the hall for someone else?

We offer a discounted rate for residents booking for their IMMEDIATE family only (parent, spouse, child, sibling.) Please see our page about fees and our sample contract for specifics. We cannot make exceptions to the qualifications.

  • Does the Town provide staff to clean up the facility?

No, the booking party is responsible for ensuring the facility is clean after the event in accordance with the timeline established in the contract. Often, this is delegated to the caterer or the coordinator, however, ultimately this is the responsibility of the renter. Renters have two hours after an event ends to perform this cleaning and trash removal.

  • Are the facilities handicap accessible?

Alhambra Hall has exterior ramps into the building and an elevator to access the main hall which is located on the second floor.

  • Does the rental include any linens or supplies?

No, the booking party is responsible for all set-up needs. A limited number of tables and chairs are included with the rental for inside-use only.

  • I’m getting married at Alhambra Hall – where and when can I hold my rehearsal?

Please arrange to practice at another location or schedule your rehearsal earlier on your rental day. If you choose to rehearse at Alhambra Park (located across the street) you must stay on the park side and no parking spaces on the hall side are to be used. The hall is booked on most dates. The booking party has use of the hall and parking. A rehearsal would interrupt their event and use of the hall.

  • Are sparklers or confetti allowed on-site?

Sorry! Sparklers nor confetti are allowed. Have you considered bubbles or birdseed for your exits.

  • Who do I contact to hire an off-duty police officer for my event?

Contact Nan Greer of the Mount Pleasant Police Department at 843.884.4176.

  • I would like to have alcohol at my Alhambra Hall event. What are the restrictions?

The details of the alcohol policy are laid out in the contract. The two most important items are that if you have alcohol on-site, we require a Mount Pleasant off-duty police officer. Second, we require that you hire either a certified, insured bar service or take out your own liability insurance policy listing the Town of Mount Pleasant as an additional insured. Certified bar services are also required to list the Town of Mount Pleasant as an additional insured.

  • Is there a stove or oven at Alhambra Hall?

No, but there is a warming oven in the kitchen.